Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Comeback

You drown me into fear not wanting you to leave me but you have to. Longing for your sweet comeback. Wondering around to find happiness when you are not here by my side. Setting my mind free and wondering around the city but no matter how I rationalize it still I remember the days we have. Seeing every places we went through reminds me how I am longing to embrace the times we have together.

Time is so slow. I feel like following every tunnels leading nowhere and anywhere just to know how you where doing. Days are so slow like creeping every trail of birds and trap on bird houses up on a tree with no ladders nor ropes to get into you but waiting until time comes you’ll be back and saving me from a fall.

Like bird houses as I mention, all my dreams are kept in it that no one has to move it or destroy it from above. It’s like castle of dreams where in you are present and building those dreams together makes me alive and inspire to wait and be stronger than ever ’til you arrived. Still longing for you sweet comeback……