Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Series

I’ve been drowned into work. Piece by piece and every single moment my mind needs to work imaginatively and bound to be logically inclined. Pondering my thoughts amidst the tiresome body and longingness of someone I deeply love.

Life for me is a series of repeatedness everyday. I hear no stories behind my back, I see no people whenever I’m infront of my laptop. But one thing for sure is I read many ideas that captures my eyes and gradually stalking for the rest of the day.
I miss my computer in the office I left this year. Sad to say I can’t bring it home when my last day was. My office computer was my bestfriend throughout my stay. It sees me smiling, laughing, crying, angry and hurt. I just realize it has witness all my life series of events. It may not laughed with me or wiped away my tears but one thing for sure there it was letting me search my entire life what will be me. Today my laptop garners all morning ’till evening.

Life is a series of meaningful events. But I have regretted so many. Soon as I remember, my tears are on my eyes. But recalling those was thankfullness of life for it was my destiny of what will be me in the end. I would proudly say “if you don’t cry then your eyes aren’t beautiful”. Still sometimes I felt dehumanized with the thought of wrongness about myself but I was thankful God never leaves me. I felt his forgiveness bringing me a savior angel in this human world. I never realize that too early beforehand it was just there waiting for a chance..waiting for the right time. I can no longer correct my past but I could fix it in my present and future.

Lastly, life is not how many friends you have but how many remained true. Having many friend is not a merit in heaven nor to God himself. What matters most is your action, attitude, character and the true you. Life may not be perfect for me now but surely life is a matter of choices to reach out the happiness and contentment we have and to leave behind all hates.

by verna, Sept. 22, 2010