Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Around the World

Brands of handbag

1. Arabic - I'd Miilad said oua sana saida
2. Chinese - (Mandarin) Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan
3 Croatian - Sretan Bozic
4. Danish - Glædelig Jul
5. Dutch - Vrolijk Kerstfeest
6. Filipino - Maligayang Pasko
7. Finnish - Hyvaa joulua
8. French - Joyeux Noël
9. German - Fröhliche Weihnachten
10. Greek: Kala Christouyenna!
11. Indonesian - Selamat Hari Natal
12. Irish - Nollaig Shona Dhuit
13. Italian Buon Natale!
14. Japanese - Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto
15. Korean -Sung Tan Chuk Ha
16. Latin - Natale hilare et Annum Faustum!
17. Maltese: IL-Milied It-tajjeb
18. Portuguese - Feliz Natal!
19. Russian - Pozdravlyenie s Rozjdyestvom i s Novym Godom!
20. Swedish - God Jul
21. Samoan: La Maunia Le Kilisimasi Ma Le Tausaga Fou
22. Spanish - Feliz Navidad
23. Urdu - Naya Saal Mubarak Ho
24. Vietnamese - Chuc Mung Giang Sinh
25. Welsh - Nadolig Llawen

Friday, December 14, 2007

One in a Million Shot

Natures way of saying "HAVE A NICE DAY"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Are you the shy retiring type? Well it's time to come out of your shell.

What is shyness?

People who are shy do not feel comfortable in the company of others, are timid and lack confidence in themselves. We can feel shy when we receive more attention than expected, making us self conscious and apprehensive.

Shy people tend to:

* always look down or away from people.
* avoid talking to others because they're afraid and can't think of anything to say
* speak infrequently and quietly
* get embarrassed easily

Pathological shyness - when it goes too far

Most of us feel shy from time to time, usually when we are met with a new situation or new people, say when we're starting Uni or on a first date. However, severe shyness is more serious, and can make every little thing in life a struggle. It can stop people leaving the house, and make a person feel terrified around everyone, perhaps even their closest friends and family. This pathological shyness is a form of social anxiety.

Severe shyness can also lead people to turn to drugs and alcohol to help them relax socially. While on occasion this is not a problem, shy people may become dependent upon these means every time they go out, which could lead to addiction.

How can I overcome it?

* Step-by-step: set yourself mini tasks, such as "I will speak to Fred today about the weather, I will arrange to meet my best friend at the pub (and turn up)", and so on. Keep a record of how it goes (success/ failure) and soon you'll see most will be successful.
* Get counselling: it may help you focus on what has caused your shyness, and along with some assertiveness training could improve your social confidence.
* Join a support group: spending time with other shy people will not only make you realise you aren't alone, but also help you with your people skills.
* Accept it: if you're comfortable with your shyness and see it as a positive, attractive attribute, you may find you are better able to deal with it, and life in general.
* Hypnosis: hypnotherapy can work for some people by helping them to alter their feelings and behaviour, allowing them to go out socially once more.
* There's also a pill in development, and a few medications already out there, but prescribed drugs should be treated as a final resort rather than a catch-all answer to shyness.

Taken From: ~~ Shyness

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's your Inner Color?

Your Inner Color is Blue

Your Personality: Your natural warmth and intuition nurtures those around you. You are accepting and always follow your heart.

You in Love: Relationships are your top priority, and this includes love. You are most happy when you are serious with someone.

Your Career: You need to help others in your job to feel satistifed. You would be a great nurse, psychologist, or counselor.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Keeping Your Own Identity

One day you're an individual, the next all that you do appears to be a mere imitation of your best mate.

But how does it happen?

Often this sort of thing creeps up on you, you're already a clone by the time you notice. If you are happy with this arrangement, the loss of your own identity in favour of a group identity, it could show an underlying lack of self-appreciation.

Is it really a problem?

Some similarities between you and your mates are natural, and quite possibly what brought you together in the first place. Where the problem develops is when you realise all that you are has been blended and blurred and spread across your close friends. While we need friendships, we also need to be fulfilled within ourselves. Giving up your individuality will eventually come back to haunt you; you will end up feeling anger, resentment, and/or regret. You may even take it out on your mates.

If they're copying you

This is a form of flattery, and while you may not appreciate this, they are simply showing that they admire you and your style. It also suggests that your friend has low self-esteem, so perhaps the best way to remedy the situation is to help them feel better about themselves and take them out to help choose their own style.

How do I keep my individuality?

Assert yourself; if you are fed up with the way your friendships are going, say so. If the cloning irritates you too much, or their company bores you it may be worth thinking about finding some new friends, however it may be that all you need is an honest chat to resolve any issues.

You need to maintain other hobbies and interests. Don't give these up for the sake of your friendship, they make you you, and without keeping up your own life you won't have much to offer to your friends. Write a list of all the things in life that you enjoy, no matter how trivial they might seem at first. Now plan to do at least one small thing every day, and have bigger things to look forward to as well.

Maintain other friendships/ make new friends. Spend time with a wider variety of people, this way you won't get stuck in a friendship rut, and you will avoid cloning by being with different groups.

You have to have your own personal goals and set out to achieve them. Stay interested in life and the world around you, if you manage to step outside your little friendship bubble every so often, it will be easier to avoid getting clamped down and zapped of your spirit.

Compromise. Note the difference between remaining unique, and just being stubborn. Just because you want to remain individual doesn't mean you have to do everything your way all the time, you need to be able to compromise with your mates, or you'll risk losing them.

Visit here for more readings.. keeping your own identity

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Will I lose my mate?

Your best mate is making big changes in their life - is there still going to be room for you in their busy schedule? That depends on how good your relationship is, what the changes are, and how much you both want it to work out.

They're moving away

If they're moving to another part of the country, or even overseas, it isn't the end of the world. You can still stay in touch by phone, email, letter and so on, no matter how far away you are from one another. Yes, you will probably miss those regular nights out, but that doesn't mean you can't meet up for weekends or holidays.

Who knows, maybe they'll end up somewhere interesting or exotic and it'll be an excellent excuse for a trip to see them. As a goodbye present, you could get them a phonecard or some stationery with stamps and your address already on them, to show that you want to stay friends. Even if they're out of contact for a while, they'll get back to you eventually if the friendship is still strong.

They're changing jobs

Going up the career ladder means that there may be less time for your friend to hang out with you, or they might be under stress or change due to different experiences that they're going through. Put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, plan ahead with that precious leisure time and do something you both enjoy rather than staying in and ordering yet another pizza in front of the telly.

They're getting married/moving in

Newlyweds and otherwise loved-up pals are notorious for dropping off the social map for months on end after they've got it together. But it's healthy to keep friendships going from before you got coupled up, so remind your mate of this, and don't be scared to ring them up and arrange to do something. Be persistent, they may be stuck in a boring staying-in rut and need a little bit of a shake-up. If you're coupled up too, and you all get on well, have a double date.

They're having a baby

This one needs a bit more tact. The baby is likely to be the most important thing in your friend's life so far, so you can't start whinging that you're not getting enough attention. Having a little 'un also means your mate is going to be exhausted and sleep deprived too. They will need a good friend though, so you can help out in practical ways, offering to look after the baby while they have a well earned sleep, or taking your pal out for a night on the town while their partner or another mate babysits.

When the newborn arrives, don't automatically rush out to get something for the baby like everyone else will do. Treat your mate to something just for them, to say 'well done', and remind them that their identity is more than just 'Mum' or 'Dad'.

So what now?

If you make the effort, and have realistic expectations, then you'll probably stay in touch with your friends for years and years. It's just that the dynamics of the relationship might be a little different, that's all. Unless they're slack as hell, going off to join a monastery that has no contact with the outside world, or they've changed their number and address and told you to stop calling, you'll still be mates for a long time to come.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Single and happy

Who says single has to mean sad? If you're sick of the associations, start holding your head up high - right now it's great to be single.

However, until relatively recently being single held a certain amount of stigma, and in some quarters it still does. Women who did not marry were dubbed spinsters, and were described as 'left-on-the-shelf' if they hadn't entered wedlock by their early twenties, implying that they were unwanted. You never hear of eligible spinsters, do you? Men fared slightly better as bachelors. This sounded like much more fun, and implied a carefree lifestyle, but even they were looked at as strange if they hadn't settled down by their mid thirties.

Successfully single

Today it's becoming more and more common for both sexes to wait longer before settling down, caused partly by wanting to play the field, and concentrating on a career over a relationship. This is more likely to be down to a conscious decision to be single, rather than an inability to find a partner. While your Gran may be pestering you on when you're going to settle down, if you're happy with your life then don't go changing.

Even if you are single because you've split up with your last partner, it doesn't mean that life has to be an ordeal. It hasn't suddenly transformed you into half a person, lacking something essential. Think of it as a wealth of new opportunities instead.

Making the most of singledom:

  • It's different for everyone. Try making a long list of all the things that make you happy, and make sure that you do at least some of them regularly.
  • Stay in touch with your friends, keep all your lines of communication open, and get out and about.
  • Don't rush into looking for someone new, most people can smell desperation a mile off, and it isn't attractive.
Click here for the source...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Whatever your cross, Whatever your pain, there will always be sunshine, After the rain

Whatever your cross, Whatever your pain, there will always be sunshine, After the rain ....
Perhaps you may stumble, Perhaps even fall, But God's always ready, To answer your call ...
He knows every heartache, Sees every tear, A word from His lips, Can calm every fear ...
Your sorrows may linger,Throughout the night, But suddenly vanish, Dawns early light ...
The Savior is waiting, Somewhere above, To give you His grace,
And send you His love ..
Whatever your cross, Whatever your pain, "God always sends rainbows ....
After the rain ... "

Thursday, September 06, 2007

100-year-old celebrates her birthday by smoking 170,000th cigarette

Winnie Langley celebrated her 100th birthday by lighting her 170,000th cigarette from a candle on her birthday cake.

An iron-lunged pensioner has celebrated her 100th birthday by lighting up her 170,000th cigerette from a candle on her birthday cake.

Winnie Langley started smoking only days after the First World War broke out in June 1914 when she was just seven-years-old - and has got through five a day ever since.

She has no intention of quitting, even after the nationwide ban forced tobacco-lovers outside.

Speaking at her 100th birthday party Winnie said: "I have smoked ever since infant school and I have never thought about quitting.

"There were not all the the health warnings like there are today when I started. It was the done thing."

Winnie, from Croydon, South London, claims tobacco has never made her ill.

She has outlived a husband, Robert, and son, Donald, who died two years ago aged 72.

The former launderette worker said she started the habit in 1914 - just weeks after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on June 28 - which sparked the First World War.

The 100-year-old, who is awaiting her telegram from the Queen today, said smoking helped calm her nerves during the two World Wars.

She said: "A lot of people smoked during the war. It helped steady the nerves."

Despite the numerous health warnings, Mrs Langley insists she's never suffered because of the habit as she "has never inhaled".

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

To Be With You

Is this just up to an illusion?.....hope it would be true...:(

To Be With You by Mr Big

Hold on little girl
Show me what he's done to you
Stand up little girl
A broken heart can't be that bad
When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you

I'm the one who wants to be with you
Deep inside I hope you feel it too
Waited on a line of greens and blues
Just to be the next to be with you

Build up your confidence
So you can be on top for once
wake up who cares about
Little boys that talk too much
I've seen it all go down
Your game of love was all rained out
So come on baby, come on over
Let me be the one to hold you


Why be alone when we can be together baby
You can make my life worthwhile
And I can make you start to smile

When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you

One Look by Kjwan

Whoa whoa whoa
I know you hate it
When i say these things right in your face
But I can't lie
You know me better
It's cause the words inside just speak the truth

One look
and I'm mesmerized by your eyes
You're comin� like a hurricane
Blowing down on me

Cause it's your mystery that captures me
I'm falling in, drawing closer
and now, oh now, yeah�

Pardon me
I'm being honest
'Cause I don't hide � I speak my mind
Things get weird
But we know better
It's cause I know you know that I love you girl

One look
and I'm mesmerized by your eyes
You're comin� like a hurricane
Blowing down on me

Cause it's your mystery that captures me
I'm falling in, drawing closer
and now, oh now, yeah�

Blowing down on me�

One look
and I'm mesmerized by your eyes
You're comin' like a hurricane
Blowing down on me

Cause it's your mystery that captures me
I'm falling in, drawing closer
and now, oh now, yeah

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My love song

My Love Song Is

Thankyou by Dido

"And I want to thank you for giving me
The best day of my life
Oh, just to be with you is having
The best day of my life."

It's all good, as long as you're in love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Once upon a time, a perfect man and a perfect woman met. After a perfect courtship, they had a perfect wedding. Their life together was, of course, perfect.

One snowy, stormy Christmas Eve, this perfect couple was driving their perfect car (a Grand Caravan) along a winding road, when they noticed someone at the side of the road in distress. Being the perfect couple, they stopped to help.

There stood Santa Claus with a huge bundle of toys. Not wanting to disappoint any children on the eve of Christmas, the perfect couple loaded Santa and his toys into their vehicle. Soon they were driving along delivering the toys.

Unfortunately, the driving conditions deteriorated and the perfect couple and Santa Claus had an accident. Only one of them survived the accident.

Who was the survivor?

The perfect woman survived. She's the only one who really existed in the first place. Everyone knows there is no Santa Claus and there is no such thing as a perfect man.

Women stop reading here, that is the end of the joke.

Men keep scrolling****.

So, if there is no perfect man and no Santa Claus, the perfect woman must have been driving. This explains why there was a car accident.

By the way, if you're a woman and you're reading this, this illustrates another point: women never listen.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Take a quize on Blog Things

Want to know your personality? take a quize on

Here's mine:

What Makes You a Good Friend?
You Are a Good Friend Because You're Honest

Like it or not, your friends are going to hear the truth from you.
You know that the truth hurts, but living a life of lies is much worse.

So while you're definitely kind and supportive, you don't pull any punches with your friends.
Everyone knows where they stand with you. And what you like and dislike about them.

While some may be initially turned off by your honesty, your friends have come to consider it a virtue.
After all, in world of white lies and deceptive politeness, you can be counted on for honesty and integrity.

Your friends need you most when: They need good advice or an intelligent opinion

You really can't be friends with: Needy, emotional people

Your friendship quote: "True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance."

How Real Are You?
You Are 80% Real

You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself.
Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great...
But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults.
As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

What Sign Guy Should You Date?
You Should Be With a Water Sign!

Your best match is a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces

Why? You crave intimacy and connection in your relationship
And while most guys can't open up enough for you, a Water Sign can
Not that you're whole relationship will be soul gazing
A Water Sign matches your goofy sense of humor - and desire to help others.

Are You A Girl Or a Woman?
Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Inside you've got the passion and ideals of a teenager
And your intensity for life is what attracts most of the men you date
You also like to party - and quite often you're the life of the party
You've brought the best of your younger years with you... at least most of the time.

Are You Living The Wrong Life?
Your Life is 59% Off Track

Right now, you're taking things one day at a time.
Some things are going well, but you can't help but wonder if you're getting the most out of life.
It's time for you to slow down and reflect a little. You can change your life - but it's up to you!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Wisdom of the Heart

from the 14th Dalai Lama
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1989)

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
2. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
3. Sleep is the best meditation.
4. Spend some time alone every day.
5. We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
6. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
7. We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.
8. Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
9. If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.
10. The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual's own reason and critical analysis.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Smile by Tamia

Sometimes i sit at home and wonder how it be if he had loved me truely loved me yes, i learned
Awhile ago that kind of thing it never happens for me, and so i go around and just pretend love
Is not for me i play the circus clown around my friends make them laugh and they wont see that
U never let them see u sweat dont want them to think the pain runs deep, Lord know its killing me

So i put on my make up put a smile on my face and if anyone ask me everything is ok im
Laughing cuz no one knows the joke is on me cuz im dyin inside with my pride and a smile on my
Face...on my face singing, la la la, la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la

Sometimes i sit at home by the phone hopin he might call me but he dont call me but then i
Realize dreams come true arent for girls like me not like me, and so i go around with my head
Up like it aint no thing and when the boys around with all my friends im into other things cuz
U never let them see u sweat dont want them to think the pain runs deep, lord knows its killing

So i put on my make up put a smile on my face and if anyone ask me everything is ok im
Laughing cuz no one knows the joke is on me cuz im dyin inside with my pride and a smile on my
Face...on my face oooh

Its not easy (thing to do) sometimes its hard to (face the truth) its not the life that i
Would choose but what else can i do if he dont love me no if he dont want me im not about to
Sit around let myself go (gooooo)

So i put on my make up put a smile on my face and if anyone ask me everything is ok im
Laughing cuz no one knows the joke is on me cuz im dyin inside with my pride and a smile on my
Face...on my face singing, la la la, la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la
Laaaa ill keep singing la la la la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la
Laaaa ill keep singing la la la, la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la
Laaaa ill keep singing la la la-la la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nothing By Fool's Garden

There's no picture,
I could paint to tell you what you mean to me
And no poem,
I could write to tell you what you mean to me

You're more than fire
You are more than rain
You're more than love
And you are more than pain
No, no, there's no single word
that could explain

There's no flower,
blooming like the smile in your ethereal eyes
And no scholar,
ever could explain it - he could be so wise

You're more than heaven
You are more than Earth
You're the origin
You are more than birth
You're more than beautiful
You're everything to me

It's not the way that you move
It's not the glowing
on your face when you smile
that makes me trembling and calm
It's not that look in your eyes
when I am going
It's just everything - what you are

There's no ocean,
deep enough to show you what you mean to me
And no mountain,
high enough to show you what you mean to me

You're more than meaning
You are more than time
You are redemption
You're the reason why
You're so mysterious
You're everything to me

It's not the way that you move
It's not the glowing
on your face when you smile
that makes me trembling and calm
It's not that look in your eyes
when I am going

Don't you let them live in your soul
whenever they will try
to barricade the way that you go
You're fragile - souls can fly

It's not the way that you move...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anatomy of a Web Address

URL (Universal Resource Locator, pronounced “you are ell”)

http - transfer protocol (type of information being transferred) - website name, host name
googleguide - second-level domain name
com - top-level domain name
searchEngines - directory name (major category)
google - sub-directory name (sub-category)
searchLeader - file name (a file within the directory)
html - file format

Here’s a list of some common top-level domain names.

.edu - educational site (usually a university or college)
.com - commercial business site
.gov - U.S. government/non-military site
.mil - U.S. military sites or agencies
.net - networks, Internet service providers, organizations
.org - non-profit organizations and others

Because the Internet was created in the United States, “US” was not originally assigned to U.S. domain names; however, it’s used to designate American state and local government hosts, including many public schools, and commercial entities, e.g., The domain .ca represents Canada, unless it’s followed by .us, in which case it represents California.

Domain Codes State California Nevada Texas

Other countries have their own two letter codes as the top level of their domain names — although many non-US sites use other top-level domains (such as .com):

Domain Codes Country
.ca Canada
.de Germany
.dk Denmark
.jp Japan
.il Israel
.uk United Kingdom
.za South Africa

To limit results to a single site or domain, specify the site name (e.g., or or a top-level domain name (e.g., .com or .edu) in Google’s domain selector.

Taken from:

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Constellation Taurus

Years ago in Memphis, Egypt, archaeologists unearthed the ancient tomb of the Apis-bulls and could hardly believe what they found. Leading to the tomb itself was a broad paved avenue lined by lions carved out of stone. To enter the tomb, one walked through a long and high arched corridor cut into solid rock. It extended for 2,000 feet and was 20 feet wide and 20 feet tall. Many recesses along each side of the corridor had been carved into the rock and each held the ornately entombed remains of Apis-bulls as each one died.

Spring was the time when festivals honoring the Apis-bulls were held. It was also a time when the River Nile gently overflowed its banks and brought life-giving water to the land, a time for planting to begin. At this time in history, roughly around 4000 B.C., the Sun's position along the Zodiac on the first day of spring, or Vernal Equinox, was in that constellation we now recognize as Taurus, the Bull. So for many centuries Taurus was to be the first and most important constellation of the Zodiac. Some have suggested that Taurus may have been the first Zodiac constellation invented.

Gradually the white bull wandered closer to the sea and when near the beach ran into the water and began swimming towards the island of Crete. By this time is was to late for Europa to climb off.

When the two arrived to Crete, Zeus changed himself back into his own form. Realizing that he could not marry Europa himself, Zeus gave her in marriage to Asterius, king of Crete.

When you look for Taurus in the sky, don't expect to find the entire bull. You are supposed to see only his front half. The explanation is that his hind quarters are underwater since he is quite busy carrying Europa across the sea to Crete. Don't really expect to see the shape of the front quarters of a bull, except in your imagination.

The Bull. The Bull was the symbol for power and strength.

> The Bull-god Apis was worshipped in Egypt for thousands of years. To qualify for the honor of being an Apis-bull, a real bull must have certain markings and then be tended by the high priests. For as long as it lived, an Apis-bull supposedly embodied the soul of the Bull-god. When the Apis-bull died, another, with similar markings, had to be found to house the soul of the Bull-god.

> In early Greek mythology, Zeus falls in love with Europa, the daughter of the King of Tyre. But Europa was constantly guarded by her father's servants. One day Zeus changed himself into a beautiful white bull with golden horns. He then mixed with the royal herds that were grazing in a large field by the sea. Europa, who had been walking along the beach, noticed this beautiful animal and could not resist going up to it and feeding it. So friendly and gentle was this splendid bull that she climbed onto its back and grasped its golden horns.

> The Hyades, a V-shaped cluster of stars forming the face of Taurus, has its own mythological story. The Hyades were sisters of Hyas, a great hunter whose death they mourned. The girls were chosen by Zeus to care for his child Dionysus (god of Wine) when his mother died. Zeus placed the sisters into the sky for their service and pity for their grief, and there they continue to weep for their brother.

> The ancient Babylonians and Sumerians also recorded the constellation Taurus in the night sky.

> The Arabs called Taurus Al Thaur, Il Toro by the Italians, Le Taureau by the French, Taura by the Persians, and Shor by the Jews, all meaning the Bull.

> Taurus also contains M1 (NGC 1952), the Crab Nebula. The Crab Nebula is about 5,000 light years away from Earth. It is the remnant of a supernova that occurred in A.D. 1054. The supernova was so bright that it was visible during the day time. The name of the nebula comes from its supposed resemblance to a crab. It is one of the most studied objects in the sky. In 1968 a pulsar was identified near the center of the Crab Nebula. It emits pulses of radio energy with an extremely high degree of regularity. The period is about 33 milliseconds, so short and so regular that it must be due to the rotation of a very dense neutron star.

A history of the Crab Nebula

Hundreds of years before Americans began celebrating Independence Day by peppering the sky with fireworks, a more powerful celestial explosion brightened a summer sky.

It was the spectacular explosion of a supernova, the violent death of a star that may have been more than 10 times more massive than our sun. In July or August of 1054, Chinese astronomers saw and recorded the star's demise. Appearing in the sky above the southern horn of the constellation Taurus was a star the Chinese described as six times brighter than Venus and about as brilliant as the full moon. The remains of this star were later christened the Crab Nebula, a cloudy, glowing mass of gas and dust about 6000 light-years away from Earth.

Monday, May 07, 2007



Birth = Opening Balance
Death = Closing Balance
Soul = Fixed Asset
Brain = Fixed Deposit
Heart = Current Asset
Thinking = Current Account
Creativity = Assets
Achievements = Capital
Character = Stock-in-trade
Friends = General Reserves
Behaviour = Goodwill
Patience = Interest Earned
Love = Dividend
Children = Bonus Issues
Education = Patents
Knowledge = Investments
Experience = Premium Account

Make your budget

Thursday, May 03, 2007

There's Nothing so Bad

There's nothing so bad that it could not be worst.
There's Little that time may not mend,
And troubles, no matter how quickly they come
Most surely will come to an end.

You've stumbled -- well
So have we all in our times
Don't dwell overmuch on regret
For you're sorry, God knows.
Well, leave it all at that--
Let past things be past and forget

Don't despond, don't give up,
But just be yourself---
The self that is highest and best.
Just live everyday in a sensible way
And then leave to God all the rest

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Carry A Cross in My Pocket

I carry cross in my pocket
A simple reminder to me
Of the fact that I am a Christian
No matter where I maybe

This little cross i not magic
Nor is it a good luck charm
It isn't meant to protect me
From every physical harm

Its not for Identification
For all the world to see
Its simply an understanding
Between my savior and me

When I put my hand in my pocket
To bring out a coin or key
The cross is there to remind me
Of the price He paid for me

It reminds me too, to be thankful
For my blessings day by day
And to strive to serve him better
In all that I do or say

It's also a daily reminder
Of the peace and comfort I share
With all who know my master
and give themselves to his care

So I carry a cross in my pocket
Reminding no one bu me
That Jesus Christ is Lord of my life
If only I'll let him be.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taurus Woman

Taurus reigns once more especially of those born in the month of MAY and today is 1st of May 2007.

Anyone who are Taurus women read this if you must and think if this fitted your personality. Of those who are not Taurus but are interested to know simple hint of Taurus women feel free to read.


A slim moderately tall woman. Taurus woman is funny and a jolly person. Square facial bone structure, high cheek bone. Her round big eyes sparkle with wit and curiosity. You will not see many round faces Taurus women, and mainly she will have a strong jaw line. She is a constantly change person. If she up sets, she will not show it and will keep it to herself for a long time, and will remember them so well. If she gets really mad at you, you will suddenly become a totally and completely stranger to her. She is a patient person, but always need new excitement. She hates long talk meeting, long and endless conversation. She can be in love with you today, and one day she could act as if she has never loved you before. She has patient with what she wants to do and will never give up until she gets there. She will be very persistent in what she is doing till she has reasons for stopping her project, then she will quit. Money for Taurus woman is not the most important factor in life. She thinks of money as an instrument for assuring of a good living. She has more satisfaction in achieving her goals more than satisfaction in fine cloths and luxuries. If you like a woman who always thinks of love and romance ,then you are dating the wrong girl. You can not tell her to stay at home, she likes to work and preferred not work at home. She loves animals and likes to surround by animals. Love is in her head, but Freedom is in her soul. She has her own idea about love and afraid to show her true feeling for fear of rejection. She is not the type to talk about love, but she sure has a strange way to show it. She is not good in showing when she is in love, but if she loves you she will be honest to you than any other women. She will be honest to her love one, but at the same time seems distant. You will have a good relationship with her, if you allow her freedom. Do not force her to be with you in a poker game which she hates, but let she goes out swinging with her friends if she wants to. She will be different than other girls, and she thinks different is one of her unique quality. She is a public figure but belongs to no one. She will not stay with you, if she thinks you are not sincere. She likes you to have personality, but better not to compete with her. Loves her, but not too much for she afraid it will limiting her freedom. She always stand out of the crowd for something she dares to do. You could see her dress like a poor farmer dinning in the fancy restaurant, or dress like a nun in an a cocktail dress party. If you are a politician who are looking for a wife, she will make a good one because she is cleverly smart and she could get along socially with any type of crowds. She is not a jealous type because she has to know you thoroughly before accepting you in her life. She has more curiosity in life than wondering if right now you are flirting with someone else. If you keep a distant from her, or go away for a few days, she will miss you more.

Even when she is dating you, she also able to fond of someone else, if you do not have something she is looking for. She will never disappoint you or hide behind your back to make you loose face, but she is the type who just going to tell you to your face that " We're better off breaking up". She always remember her first love. Taurus woman holds the best record for divorce for she does not care about how people think of her, but every things should be done for "Happiness". She has lots of friends and sure of herself, so you will hardly see she delays any of her thoughts before her action. If she think of something, she will go ahead and does it. She has many men wanting her for her constant changes is the challenge. She can be cute and funny, but suddenly cool and tough. She has her own style of dressing up, so you could see her dress like an old mate today, and tomorrow she may dress like she comes from Mars. She will have that interesting hair, dress and a look unique from anyone else. She likes to learn about your dreams and your thought. She has fun teasing you and making jokes. If she did something wrong, she won't hide it from you, but do not ask when she is not in the mood to talk about it. She hates to owe people money and take promise seriously. If you promise to pay her back, you'd better paid up. If you want to make it with Taurus woman, then do not be jealous or possessive, do not be narrow minded, do not criticize about nonsense or small and insignificant matters. Try to likes her friends and let she has her privacy, then she can be very sweet to you.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dont't Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low and debt are high
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh

When one is pressing you down a bit -
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.
Life is queer with its twist and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns.

As many fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out
Don't give up though the pace seems slow
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the smuggler has given up,
When he might have captures the victor's cup;

And he learned too late when the night came down
How close he was to the golden crown
Success is failure turned inside out -
The silver twist of the clouds doubts.

And you never can tell how close you are
It maybe near when its seems a far
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, -
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.

Monday, April 16, 2007

In memory of Titanic Sinking

RMS Titanic was an Olympic class passenger liner that collided with an iceberg and sank in 1912. The second of a trio of superliners, she and her sisters, RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic, were designed to provide a three-ship weekly express service and dominate the transatlantic travel business for the White Star Line.[1] Built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, Titanic was the largest passenger steamship in the world at the time of her sinking. During Titanic's maiden voyage (from Southampton, England; to Cherbourg, France; Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland; then New York), she struck an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. (ship's time) on Sunday evening April 14, 1912, and sank two hours and forty minutes later, after breaking into two pieces, at 2:20 a.m. Monday morning April 15.

One of the most famous stories of
Titanic is of the band. On April 15, 1912, Titanic's eight-member band, led by Wallace Hartley, had assembled in the first-class lounge in an effort to keep passengers calm and upbeat. Later they would move on to the forward half of the boat deck. The band continued playing music even when it became apparent the ship was going to sink.

None of the band members survived the sinking, and there has been much speculation about what their last song was. Some witnesses said the final song played was the hymn "Nearer, my God, to Thee." However, there are three versions of this song in existence and no one really knows which version, if any, was played. Hartley reportedly said to a friend if he was on a sinking ship "Nearer, My God, to Thee" would be one of the songs he would play. Walter Lord's book A Night to Remember popularised wireless operator Harold Bride’s account that he heard the song "Autumn" before the ship sank. It is considered Bride either meant the hymn called "Autumn" or "Songe d'Automne," a popular ragtime song of the time. Others claimed they heard "Roll out the Barrel."

Hartley's body was one of those recovered and identified. Considered a hero, his funeral in England was attended by thousands.

1. Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!
E'en though it be a cross that raiseth me,
still all my song shall be,
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

2. Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down,
darkness be over me, my rest a stone;
yet in my dreams I'd be
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

3. There let the way appear, steps unto heaven;
all that thou sendest me, in mercy given;
angels to beckon me
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

4. Then, with my waking thoughts bright with thy praise,
out of my stony griefs Bethel I'll raise;
so by my woes to be
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

5. Or if, on joyful wing cleaving the sky,
sun, moon, and stars forgot, upward I fly,
still all my song shall be,
nearer, my God, to thee;
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The 10 Commandments to the Law of Attraction

I wanted to share something on what I have read....

Copyright © 2007 Cheryline Lawson

The Law of Attraction operates positively only if you put it to use. This means that you can gain negativity in your life until you decide to make changes. It can be just one small change to your life that can determine a positive future. However, some people require several changes because of the extent of the negative vibes in their lives.

I would like to discuss 10 things that are a requirement of the Law of Attraction to bring positive things toward you. A law is recognized as a rule and is mandatory in certain situations in order to work. The rule of thumb here is that your actions have to be calculating in order to follow the specific commandments of the Law of Attraction. To make it clearer, you must target certain areas of your life to get you to where you want to go.

1. Purpose. What is your purpose in this life? Do you know what your gifts and talents are? Are you fulfilling your God-given purpose to help, encourage or contribute to the universe or society? Or are you living your life just tagging along? Search and examine yourself because without purpose, you will not attract success. Success does not just come along to someone who is not prepared or who don't have any idea where they are going. Therefore, to make the law of attraction work, you need to evaluate your life and see where you are, where you want to be, and what are the talents you have to get there.

2. Visualize. Now that you have a clue of what your purpose is, you need to visualize and see yourself already there. Do whatever it takes to keep these pictures in your mind at all times. Make a scrapbook or keep a journal to remind yourself that you are on a mission to get to a place of purpose.

3. Passion. Create a passion for your purpose because it is your passion that will attract the tenacity to keep you going and possibly bring people to you that can help you to fulfill your dream.

4. Perseverance. Don't ever give up. There will be times when you feel like nothing is happening, but you have to be patient and in the meantime, do things that will contribute to your dream while you wait for the manifestation.

5. Courage. Have no fear of the unknown. Fear stifles your dream. Doubt will kill your purpose. Fear attracts failure, so encourage yourself if you have to and don't let anyone discourage you.

6. Desire. Desire and passion work hand in hand. However, desire is what you have determined that you want to happen. Passion is the excitement of what is about to happen, so don't confuse the two. Continue to maintain your desire by speaking it out aloud to yourself. Even if it looks crazy, do it. I find that a spoken word is more effective than just a thought.

7. Goals. Set realistic goals for yourself and write them down. Start with your short-term goals first. You will be able to identify with a shorter plan and see the results quicker. When you write down your goals, you attract people who will see your organization skills and want to help you to get your goals accomplished. Keep focused on your purpose. Never lose sight of the path that you want to take and let that be your motivation to continue to move toward your purpose and fulfill the law of attraction.

8. Change. Don't be afraid of change. Change is good. It shows that you are on your way to self-improvement. It gives you a sense of hope and attracts new friends who will identify with the change in you and want to be your friend.

9. Relationships Your new friends will help you to stimulate good relationships and it is through your new relationships that you will get to your destined purpose. After you leave your old friends behind, you attract a new future with new people who may make a better impact on your life. Sometimes we get stuck where we are because of the friends we keep; friends who don't want to change or who don't have a sense of purpose, so forming new and worthwhile friendships is another key element in following the rules of the law of attraction.

10. Gratitude. Lastly, but more importantly, is gratitude. Be thankful for where you are and where you are going. There is a spiritual entity at work in fulfilling the law of attraction, so connect with your spirituality and make it known that you understand the importance of remaining humble and being grateful for the gifts, talents and opportunities that have been afforded you because without these, you would never be able to fulfill the rules of engagement. The law of attraction cannot function without these ten principles. You have to be in touch with your humanity and your spirituality to make it all happen for you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I have receive this email a while ago and it is really inspiring for me. Here it is...

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package.

"What food might this contain?" the mouse wondered. He was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.

Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning :
There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!"

The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse , I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it."

The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!"

The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers."

The mouse turned to the cow and said "There is a mousetrap in the house!There is a mousetrap in the house!"

The cow said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you, but it's no skin off my nose."

So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer's mousetrap alone.

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house -- like the sound of a mousetrap catching its prey.

The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did not see it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.

The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital and she returned home with a fever.

Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup's main ingredient.

But his wife's sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.

The farmer's wife did not get well; she died.

So many people came for her funeral, the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all of them.

The mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great sadness.

And so, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and think it doesn't concern you, remember -- when one of us is threatened, we are all at risk.

We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another.


One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a Friend.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Top 10 Weirdest Keyboards Ever

Keyboards come in many shapes - from the simplest computer grey $9.99 standard 102-key keyboard to variants that seem to come straight out of a Star Trek episode.

Here's our Top 10 list of the weirdest keyboards ever:

10. Roll-up keyboard
This keyboard has the same measurements as a standard 102-key keyboard, but there's a big difference. You can roll this one up and put it in your pocket. Nice.

9. The wrist keyboard
This one might be useful if you're in the need to type stuff while doing practical work in tough climates - but if you would wear this keyboard at the office, you might be considered a bit geeky.

8. Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard
Things are starting to get a bit more weird, ey? Getting used to this keyboard isn't something you'll do in 10 minutes or so - it will take a while for sure. But if you have medical problems with your hands, this might be a good choice since it's a very ergonomic keyboard. It looks very weird though!

7. The SafeType keyboard
Just take a look at this one. Do you understand how to use it? The idea is that your hands and arms shall be in a more relaxed position while working with the SafeType compared to a traditional keyboard.

6. Virtual Laser Keyboard
Wow, it's heating up, don't you agree? This is more cool than weird though. This laser gadget projects a virtual keyboard on a table or other suitable material, and then interpret your finger movement and pass them on to your PDA or whatever you have it connected to. Cool.

5. The Frogpad
The frogpad is a tiny, tiny keyboard - or it would be more suitable to call it a keypad actually. The manufacturer say that you can get up to 40 words per minute if you practice between 6 to 10 hours with it. Any idea why they are calling it a frogpad?

4. The Twiddler 2
What do you say about the Twiddler 2? It looks to be quite painful to use, or what do you think? According to the testimonials at their site, it will take you 'a weekend' to learn typing 30 words per minute, so the frogpad wins that round.

3. The Orbitouch
This one could be a leftover from Area 51, or a prop from the set of any science fiction movie. Wonder how it works? Here's what the manufacturer say: "The orbiTouch creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. You type the different characters by sliding the domes to create letters and numbers. The orbiTouch also has an integrated mouse, so moving the domes gives you full mouse and keyboard capability!" The target group for this keyboard is of course people who have limited or no motion in their fingers or hands, and that's a very good thing - but anyway, it's a weird keyboard.

2. The Datahand
This product is aimed for people who get pain in their hands from typing with a traditional keyboard - and that's a good thing. It's still looks like a very strange keyboard. Everytime I see this one I think of the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, don't know why. I love this one - the keyboard, not the movie.

1. The Tidy Tippist
Isn't this one lovely? The keyboard is hidden inside a decorative, washable tablecloth. The electronic is woven into a fabric, which finds itself between layers of water resistant felt as sandwich material. The soft felt surface makes it a pleasure for fingers to tip - a cosy keyboard. Awesome!

Monday, March 26, 2007

For the love of Money

Lots of us has ambitions and dreams. A common thing is to become rich or have lots of money in our hands the easy way around. This is what a 'success' meant for us. A very common misconception of humans.

We become more self centered and think that we can do anything if we have lots of money in our hands. We became self pity and can't get on to life if we have no enough money. We focus on how to get rich and sacrificing our friends and family. We think we can help them with the money we have. We always think that money brings happiness. We sometimes get married to our own careers and just put on to prayers the unresolved conflict with our friends and not big deal for us if we lost them. We tend to focus on our own success and not looking back on the feelings of our loves ones.

Speaking of
'career', for the love of money we tend to do sinful acts to earn money with just a little sacrifice, it may not be on criminal basis but it can be misleading character in our personality, even we call ourselves honest, upstanding and church-going person there is no escape but it can be if we change our definition of happiness and point of view of money. We can't hardly notice because all we think is that we our always correct and they are wrong. We tend to focus how to make money instead of how to get a meaningful life. Take for example, if we are:

Politician we can be corrupt
Accountant we can be into financial instability and poor in budgeting time, money and effort
Doctor we can be into malpractices
Nurse we can have insufficient acts
Education we can be incompetent teacher
Engineer we can be poor in computation and planning
and last but not the least
Computer Science we can be poor in systematizing, low analytical and logical thinking in the realistic world.

How sad but true. We forgot what 'professionalism' is. But if we think the way money makes us happy of course for us it can be enjoying because we are successful in monetary aspects and bring out the big laugh we have if money is in our hand.