Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long Distance Love

I am feeling low but I have to go on and be strong. I keep holding on the promises we have..the love we found and build..the trust we bestowed in each other's heart as one.

Wishing we could be in each others arms again wholeheartedly. But I knew I have to wait a little longer for my wishes to come true. I promise to wait and I will. More each day when his not around I miss him badly.

I knew I would feel exhausted if he leaves and work million miles away and it did happened. I'm trying my best to be strong, wait and believe in our true love.

Our long distance love is really a test for us...we are half way round the world and communication is not constant...We settle things down and talk intimately before he leaves and I hope our plans would still pursue when he returns home...

I love him always...and whenever there comes a time I am in doubt for I find it hard we can't talk everyday unlike before, I just have to recall the days we were together, our promises and he says we have already like a covenant. I stick to all things he says and I say are true and will do for our relationship. Our relationship must be the best and be envied by many. As what I have compose - We prove them wrong! But never mind the compliments of others, what's on my mind now is how to conquer the sadness and loneliness I have.

I envy those lovers who were together always. I really realized more that I do love him so much and seeing him in my future would be the best thing in world for me. My search is over and my heart is sealed for him. We may not see and talk often but my hopes and dreams are with him.

I entrust him to our Lord God for his health and safety. I knew God would help us in our midst of trials and production of our careers. God Bless us always and I love him dearly.