Thursday, August 05, 2010

I miss Writing!

I miss writing on my blog. I hope this is not being monitored anymore. It has been years!

As I remember this blog was made as my past time in the office if I'm free of any task...a personal blog which never intend to be any conflict thereof as others claim to be. It's like a bird drop out of the sky with no apparent clear understanding reason why it garnered a lot of intrigues and controversies.

Writing or sharing thoughts to my readers is not a piss off to my working hours as I believe so. It's like a 1 snap that suddenly runs on my mind that I want to write quickly to get posted. I think it wasn't a waste of time posting on blogs especially you knew it delights yourself. Posting on your blog is like a tiniest thing that one has accomplished. That's why there are fast growing numbers of bloggers.

Scrolling around in this blog and reading what I have been writing personally was I can't believe I have constructed those sentences, making it into paragraphs and posting it here. This makes me feel and urge to write again.