Saturday, March 07, 2009

American Idol Completes Top 13?

Redemption came for many tonight, but only three of the still running American Idol also-rans could truly call it a job well done in the end.
As promised, the Idol judges exercised—questionably, at times—their authority and rounded out the Top 12 after eight more survival-dependent performances, which contained, as always, a few "interesting" song choices and, not as always, a couple of repeats.

But did Anoop Desai do himself a disservice by resurrecting "My Prerogative," which he also sang during Hollywood Week? And did the talkative Tatiana Del Toro do herself any favors by belting out "Saving All My Love for You" for the second week in a row?

As a refresher, here are the still-in-it-to-win-it singers on tap to bring it next week:

• Kris Allen, 23
• Megan Corkrey, 22
• Anoop Desai, 21
• Matt Giraud, 23
• Danny Gokey, 28
• Alexis Grace, 21
• Allison Iraheta, 16
• Adam Lambert, 26
• Scott MacIntyre, 23
• Jasmine Murray, 16
• Jorge Nunez, 20
• Lil Rounds, 23
• Michael Sarver, 27

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