Thursday, December 11, 2008

Britney’s Sneaky Song Lyrics

A nice come back for Britney on her 5th album and is on no. 1 as today. And here are some negative feedback.

Though her new album, “Circus” lacks a parental advisory warning for explicit lyrics, Britney Spears has found a clever way around using profane language on her track, “If You Seek Amy.” Say the title slowly and you may figure out what parents are so angry about. They lyrics in context are “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.”

“I was astonished and totally taken aback when I heard my five and seven-year-old kids walking around the house singing ' ----- ’,” says parent Leonie Barsenbach. “When I asked them what it was, they told me it was Britney Spears. I was horrified.”

Ms. Barsenbach claims she bought ‘Circus’ for her kids thinking it would be good, wholesome entertainment for them over the holidays. Maybe we’re wrong, but this woman seems completely out of touch. Britney hasn’t been anything close to a desirable role model for youngsters for years. Two albums ago she had a song called “Touch of My Hand” that was very explicitly about masturbating and there was no warning on that album either.

“What I dislike most about this is that they have bypassed my authority as a parent by going under the radar by changing the wording to avoid issuing a warning,” continues Ms. Barsenback. Are we wrong for thinking the trick was sort of funny and clever?

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