Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Born With Extra Foot

Baby Born With Extra Foot ... in Brain

Surgery to remove a brain tumor from a 3-day-old Colorado boy turned up something “borderline unheard-of,” his doctors say: a foot. When the pediatric neurosurgeon operated Oct. 3 on Sam Esquibel, he saw a small foot, other half-formed appendages, and even intestines in the baby’s head, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette. All were removed, and Sam is back home and doing fine.

You show those pictures to the most experienced pediatric neurosurgeons in the world, and they've never seen anything like it.
- Dr. Paul Grabb, pediatric neurosurgeon
"It looked like the breach delivery of a baby—coming out of the brain," says the surgeon. Doctors speculate that it may have been a rare form of teratoma, a congenital brain tumor that takes the form of body tissue. It also could have been a case of fetus in fetu, in which a fetus grows inside its twin—but that usually occurs in the torso, not the head.