Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Onion

They say when your hurt you tend to fight back...have revenge..but some may just choose to be in silent and wears a smile on the face but the heart weeps.

Jealousy is the hate most feeling. You are threatened that the other person would steal your partner away.

The true feeling underneath jealousy is usually fear--that your beloved will leave you for another person. And fear is usually uncomfortable, if not down right painful and hurt.

Jealousy is a result of an overactive imagination, and is further fuelled by insecurity that a person might be afflicted with. When this imagination and insecurity coincide, what takes place are ugly scenes, in the mind of the person who is jealous. A simple action or word spoken by your partner can take on epic proportions, as you play out scenes of infidelity over and over in your mind.

The unwise will put his or her partner in the position of making a choice between the friend and the partner. The wise will resist putting his or her partner in that position and will continue to struggle with the issue and one thing is for sure, what you desire, more than anything, is to feel secure inside your romantic relationship.

Life is also fuller and healthier when our intimate partners are not only confident of our love but also experience that confidence from within.

When you are suffering from jealousy, you need to know that you belong to your partner and your partner belongs to you.

You are working to heal your jealousy, let your partner know you expect your process to be respected and your feelings to be cherished. You are not asking him or her to let go of the friendship. She or he needs to respect the ways the friendship impinges on your life by setting good boundaries with him or her friends and family.