Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Cherish

People come and go as what others say and I despise this. Events may pass by and tend to forget it as time goes. Life is tough. It never stops if you have no intention of stopping it. But God is most powerful, if He decides its your time and let time be yours...

Think about it...just some thoughts to ponder. Love is here because God is here. We all live and love because of God's love spreading all over everyones heart. Its a wonderful feeling... loving and being love. You don't need to expect love in return because in time it will be paid with so much love you had never expected to be more.

Life is a momentum. We relate our future to the present. Our present from our past. We learned from our past and thats what we are now of today. Experiences our the greatest lessons we've learned. We failed, dropped out or left but by then we had move on and keep learning until we survive. We pass and become better person, more strong and dignified.

People wanted all from materials to abstract to spiritual. I have treasures kept within that I don't want others to get it from me. Treasuring a love one, a friend or family is the greatest and the best treasure you'll ever had. And you can say your life can be complete, for without them I could say I'm useless..I'm worthless... So I do things and make sacrifices inorder they won't leave or be taken. And I take care of them, love them..grab the chance when they are still there at your side. Against all odds, I can always say thank you very much and be thanking you forever for being there for me despite of unsatisfactory and unfavorable nature I have.

Talking about love and treasury. Loving someone in your life is a mission you had just accomplished and wanted to treasure it like living in a new paradise. For love seeks no boundaries, we can be happy, it maybe you against the many or the world but you can't fool yourself when it comes to your feelings. Being true is setting yourself free. Acceptance is an eccentric feeling everyone wants to savor. So live life to the fullest. Love and do the best.