Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Caffeine Heats Up

That morning jolt. You need it. Every morning you turn to the coffee pot or your neighborhood barista in hopes of adding a little pep to your step. Caffeine fuels our days and is a necessity for those of us stuck in meetings or locked in lecture halls.

However, all this caffeine consumption could come at a cost. A recent study showed abuse of caffeine pills among youngsters trying to keep their eyes open in class. The dark side of dark roast? Here are a few soy lattes and ranked the top caffeinated beverages in Search...

1. Coca Cola
2. Pepsi
3. Coffee
4. Red Bull
5. Dr. Pepper
6. Mountain Dew
7. Monster Energy Drink
8. Espresso
9. Cappuccino
10. Black Tea
11. Rockstar Energy Drink
12. Chai Tea
13. Frappuccino
14. Latte
15. Mocha
16. Full Throttle
17. Macchiato
18. Bawls
19. Tab Energy Drink
20. Cafe au Lait

Taken from Health News