Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol 8th Season Began!

One of the most popular reality TV shows that has taken over American entertainment is undoubtedly American Idol. The show is one of the most popular formats, and it borrowed the idea from its British counterpart. American Idol is not an ordinary reality show, as it is based on a talent show format.

Other reality shows, like Survivor, Big Brother or The Amazing race offer prizes in money, which motivates people to go through unbelievable hardships and complete exhausting tasks. To succeed on these shows, you don’t only have to be physically fit, but you also have to be personable to gain the trust of your fellow competitors and perhaps even manipulate them to win. On Idol, the prize is fame and stardom, as the contestants must prove their singing abilities.

American Idol organizes nation-wide auditions in search of the next singing sensation. Auditions can last for days in every place they visit, and thousands audition to prove that they have what it takes to become the next American Idol.

Two nights ago was the premiere of the 8th season of the reality show. There have been some changes, among which the most notable was the replacement of a judge.

The current panel of judges consists of Randy Jackson, a record producer and music manager, Paula Abdul, the famous pop-singer and choreographer, music manager and music executive Simon Cowell and, replacing sweetheart Nigel Lythgoe for the upcoming eighth season, songwriter Kara DioGuardi.