Thursday, October 02, 2008

Friendship is always a form of love

The difference between the love of an acquaintance, the love of a good friend, the love of a best friend, the love of a spouse and the love of a good God (whichever) is in the amount of one's own wrongdoing they are willing to endure without taking their love away.

Endurance means to accept others' wrongdoing as thoughtlessness or miscomprehension, without blaming it on antipathy or cruelty, believing that it does not come from the core of their personality but from its surface. The core cannot be seen. Only the traffic through the surface can be experienced and accessed. What happens underneath one can only believe in.

To be friends means to love. To love means to endure. To endure means to believe in the other.

To be friends also means knowing the threshold of endurance, and to abandon the other when it is crossed.

To love from the heart means to put the threshold as high as humanly possible.

No human being can love perfectly. Only a being who cannot take any damage and who cannot feel any pain can.

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