Friday, July 25, 2008

Love Covers Over All Wrongs

Eloquently put, love seals the deal. It never ever fails, not in the long run. It wins each time because it is enshrined in God's holiest wisdom and truth; counter-the-world, love responds as no one can really understand who don't know God.

The twelfth verse of Proverbs 10 contrasts love and hatred. Love is more powerful than fear, and so it stands to reason it is more powerful than hatred, greed, envy, and every other worldly evil.

The way this proverb reads in the original language is stark. It gives the imagery of love healing like a bandage would over a cut limb. It not only settles the issue down, stemming the flow of blood from a wound, it also promotes healing... so too does love invite healing to occur when injected into relational situations.

But how rarely it occurs is disappointing. The most pious of us will fail to love most of the time, yet its timeless truth rages out -- learn of me, it commands, all through the Scriptures.

I remember writing about Selwyn's Hughes' definition of love: you're hurt by someone and yet you look back at them with the hurt in your eyes, but without any shred of rejection. Love never condemns. Any time we judge and condemn we've failed to love. Hughes described this state of being hurt but not rejecting the other person as the 'look of Jesus.'

Think about this. Most of us judge and condemn all the time; in little ways I mean. Out on the road, or at a sports game. It's our carnal way to judge and condemn people.

I've written of complaint. To complain is a failure to love. To choose love over the option to complain or condemn a person uses the power of God that anyone can tap into. Love covers over all wrongs and propounds the truth of "two wrongs don't make a right." But a 'right' can correct a 'wrong.'

Think about it next time you're tempted to whinge about something or condemn someone; no matter how bad it is, you don't need to do it. You can use the power of your mind to love instead. All it takes is awareness and will.

Taken from ezine articles