Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bloggers Review

BloggersReview, a blog advertising agency is dedicated to serving all their clients, and providing world class customer service to our bloggers on a daily basics. How this work? After creating an account with BloggersReview and have verified by email, bloggers can submit their blog for approval. Blog's are approved within 1 days to 2 weeks on maximum. Upon approval you can view and approve sponsored opportunities and also put the permalink of the URL of the post for approval.

They have bloggers resources including bloggers guidelines which is filled with useful information so that new comers can follow the steps and also have tips and tricks for everyday blogging. One nice thing about is that they have video tutorials about their services, how it works and benefits of the bloggers. This ensures that bloggers get adverting solution for the blogger's business. There are available categories that your blog may fit in and get paid blogging in every review you made, so sign up now and join BloggersReview.