Monday, March 26, 2007

For the love of Money

Lots of us has ambitions and dreams. A common thing is to become rich or have lots of money in our hands the easy way around. This is what a 'success' meant for us. A very common misconception of humans.

We become more self centered and think that we can do anything if we have lots of money in our hands. We became self pity and can't get on to life if we have no enough money. We focus on how to get rich and sacrificing our friends and family. We think we can help them with the money we have. We always think that money brings happiness. We sometimes get married to our own careers and just put on to prayers the unresolved conflict with our friends and not big deal for us if we lost them. We tend to focus on our own success and not looking back on the feelings of our loves ones.

Speaking of
'career', for the love of money we tend to do sinful acts to earn money with just a little sacrifice, it may not be on criminal basis but it can be misleading character in our personality, even we call ourselves honest, upstanding and church-going person there is no escape but it can be if we change our definition of happiness and point of view of money. We can't hardly notice because all we think is that we our always correct and they are wrong. We tend to focus how to make money instead of how to get a meaningful life. Take for example, if we are:

Politician we can be corrupt
Accountant we can be into financial instability and poor in budgeting time, money and effort
Doctor we can be into malpractices
Nurse we can have insufficient acts
Education we can be incompetent teacher
Engineer we can be poor in computation and planning
and last but not the least
Computer Science we can be poor in systematizing, low analytical and logical thinking in the realistic world.

How sad but true. We forgot what 'professionalism' is. But if we think the way money makes us happy of course for us it can be enjoying because we are successful in monetary aspects and bring out the big laugh we have if money is in our hand.