Monday, February 19, 2007

Women are Busy

Women are busy. Women have careers, families, friends, volunteer activities, and hobbies. Women have always been busy and always will be. Once, we got advice from our elders – mothers, grandmothers, aunts. Today, we don’t always have the wisdom of our family at our fingertips. Sometimes it is because of location and other time it is because families just aren’t as close as they used to be. So where do we find advice for women now?

One of the most common types of advice women search for is relationship advice. Women also frequently search for advice on jobs and careers.

But where do mostly women tend to get advices? Some may go and chat all day long with friends or with their sisters. Some may go online advicing and ask questions to experience wome and professionals which is very common nowadays. Some may carry the poblem on their own and enjoy life with friends as if nothing is happening. Some women also keep theirselves busy to get tired easily and may fall asleep quickly and nothing to think about before going to bed. A lot of women needs advices whether it is painful to hear so to learn a lessons and men needs these to. Women needs to be outspoken with their feelings and needs to know everything even it hurts because facing reality is a fact in everyones' lives.

So despite of how women are so busy, they still tend to find ways and insert to their busy schedule to find advice, give advice, comfort friends and families around them. And not only on saddest moments but on happy times too..even tired they still have fun times to go shopping, watching movies, strolling around and talking with friends and a lot more. These are womens way of life that needs to be understandable because no man is an island. Every single being needs people around.