Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Increase Brain Power

There are specific strategies that you can use to increase brain power.

One of the best ways you can increase brain power is to give your brain some rest. Sleep is crucial to brain function and if you want to maximize your mind’s potential you need to let it have some down time. Many people believe that your dreams help your mind to sort out information.

Concentration will be more difficult and you may even let your emotions override your logical thought if you are sleep-deprived. When your mind has a chance to rest you increase brain power automatically.

Another simple strategy to increase brain power is to exercise. Your mind need oxygen and getting a brisk walk or a good aerobic work out will help your brain get the oxygen that it needs to function at its fullest capacity.

Clear your mind every once in awhile. Sometimes we need to work with our subconscious minds in order to increase brain power. Basically, you increase brain function by interacting with your own thoughts.

You can increase brain power by exposing yourself to physical stimulus like this.

New sights, sounds and sensations will stimulate your mind. Simply experiencing new things will help you increase brain power as well.

The caffeine in the popular drink can increase brain power because it stimulates the mind.