Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank You

I have to thank you for all that you are, I could never imagine that from the moment on I am yours and you are mine respecting me as I am

for all that you are not, you have been honest and you never spare any moment patronizing yourself to make me fall for you..

for sharing what you could of yourself with me, you have the efforts just to be with me, you entrusted time to make more memories in a single moment

for showing me what true love is, such feeling which is unexplainable and that make me speechless wanting to be around your arms every moment of my life

for allowing me to care for you, seeing you every seconds realizing your safe, giving my comforts, embraces and a helping hand

for helping me to find my smile again, you wake me up and showing the world how beautiful it is to live again

for being there, bringing out the best in me and reminding me God is always there and as a center of our relationship

for showing me that I am stronger then I thought, you up lift my life and confidence that I could do things that I thought I could never do

for making me want to be alive, you help me see brighter things and inspiring me that their are so many reasons to live in the future together with you

for helping learn to feel my pain without allowing it to kill me even when I wish it would, you always remind me to keep holding on and never give up on trials but find ways and solutions to make life easier and always be on a subtle mind

for showing me that not all men are the horrible selfish beasts I imagined they were, you made me realize that there was you a man for me and all my thinkings about men and love is the other way around for you enter my life lovingly

for being honest, you had everything spoken about your past and was not afraid I would hear it, you have been brave for me to show how true you are and never been ashame

for allowing yourself to be vulnerable to me, gentleman as you are and ought to be, doing things and sacrifices just to be with me

for trusting me so much, a wonderful feeling, a very respectful caress that a woman could ever feel

for allowing me to see into the hazy window of your soul, you relay every event of your life making me feel I belong and welcome to you and your family

for letting me begin to love you and always will love you unconditionally.

Finally I could say now I love myself because you teach me how, taking good care of myself is the best gift I could offer to you, I'm so lucky I have you in my life, there maybe problems ahead of us but you never fail to tell me we could do it, I may forgot to tell you everyday how much I thank you but deep in my heart it always shouts your name thanking you for all things and simple ways you have done, you may not realize it really means a lot, you may not hear it everyday and coming from my mouth but God knows how much I am thankful, for you have bring light into my dark room, laughter into my silent hours and butterflies into my dormant dreams.

I thank you and I love you

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Series

I’ve been drowned into work. Piece by piece and every single moment my mind needs to work imaginatively and bound to be logically inclined. Pondering my thoughts amidst the tiresome body and longingness of someone I deeply love.

Life for me is a series of repeatedness everyday. I hear no stories behind my back, I see no people whenever I’m infront of my laptop. But one thing for sure is I read many ideas that captures my eyes and gradually stalking for the rest of the day.
I miss my computer in the office I left this year. Sad to say I can’t bring it home when my last day was. My office computer was my bestfriend throughout my stay. It sees me smiling, laughing, crying, angry and hurt. I just realize it has witness all my life series of events. It may not laughed with me or wiped away my tears but one thing for sure there it was letting me search my entire life what will be me. Today my laptop garners all morning ’till evening.

Life is a series of meaningful events. But I have regretted so many. Soon as I remember, my tears are on my eyes. But recalling those was thankfullness of life for it was my destiny of what will be me in the end. I would proudly say “if you don’t cry then your eyes aren’t beautiful”. Still sometimes I felt dehumanized with the thought of wrongness about myself but I was thankful God never leaves me. I felt his forgiveness bringing me a savior angel in this human world. I never realize that too early beforehand it was just there waiting for a chance..waiting for the right time. I can no longer correct my past but I could fix it in my present and future.

Lastly, life is not how many friends you have but how many remained true. Having many friend is not a merit in heaven nor to God himself. What matters most is your action, attitude, character and the true you. Life may not be perfect for me now but surely life is a matter of choices to reach out the happiness and contentment we have and to leave behind all hates.

by verna, Sept. 22, 2010

Sweet Comeback

You drown me into fear not wanting you to leave me but you have to. Longing for your sweet comeback. Wondering around to find happiness when you are not here by my side. Setting my mind free and wondering around the city but no matter how I rationalize it still I remember the days we have. Seeing every places we went through reminds me how I am longing to embrace the times we have together.

Time is so slow. I feel like following every tunnels leading nowhere and anywhere just to know how you where doing. Days are so slow like creeping every trail of birds and trap on bird houses up on a tree with no ladders nor ropes to get into you but waiting until time comes you’ll be back and saving me from a fall.

Like bird houses as I mention, all my dreams are kept in it that no one has to move it or destroy it from above. It’s like castle of dreams where in you are present and building those dreams together makes me alive and inspire to wait and be stronger than ever ’til you arrived. Still longing for you sweet comeback……


I have come to a point where I have to search for a new status for my facebook. What would a topic be? will I right my own words,but it would be so obvious, so I have compiled some quotes that speaks about TRUST!

They say "Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great." but within my experience and stays I can't see a thing that this statement is such true. Maybe it is possible on people which are ideally open minded people.

I like the idea in this way Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties. Trust is a thing you do without words. Insecurity twists meanings and poisons trust. Peace and trust take years to build and seconds to shatter. Very true thing to put in mind especially nowadays has been too much tremendous if I have to trust them again or not.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Better Half

I learned to established life to the discipline myself at it's best...

I have truly found my better half. We grow up in one place but now working a thousands of miles away.

Big physical absence yet emotional closeness is build up. A relationship like this? I can truly say I am extremely devoted!

I miss all those things with his presence..the consummation of our efforts to spent time together...building our own memories just the two of us..

Communication channel was not that good and no matter how I try to rationalize it, I still miss you. Longing to be with you, our energy, our breaths, our visions and our heartbeats to be as one again.

You have touch my soul to its deepest ground. Loving you and being love by you is an eccentric feeling.